Welcome to the Integration Platform Web Site!

This 'Integration' Platform (‘The Platform’) enables Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) Vendors to test and demonstrate compliance of their Practice Management Systems (PMS) with NZ eHealth interoperability specifications and standards - in particular the structured document, messaging and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) service specifications (‘Specification Types’) contained in the Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) standards and the Reference Architecture for Interoperability produced by the Health Sector Architects Group (SAG).

The Platform facilitates this by providing the following functionality to registered and logged-on users:-
  • testing of individual documents and messages (‘Test Instances’) using the Validation Tool
  • downloading of ‘Test Instances’ for Vendors to demonstrate importing and rendering in a PMS
  • document links to the relevant Specifications for Vendors to reference
At present, The Platform implements the following specifications:-
  • GP2GP v1: Production : Implementation Guide v1.6 : GP2GP v1 Data Model v3.4 : NZ CDA Toolkit v1.7.0, or higher
  • ePrescribing: Production : Implementation Guide v2.3 : NZePS Data Model v3.1 : NZ CDA Toolkit v3.9.0, or higher
  • eDischarge Summaries: Pilot : Implementation Guide v1.1 : NZeDS Data Model v1.1 : NZ CDA Toolkit v2.3.1, or higher
  • Pharmacy Health Summaries: WIP : Implementation Guide v0.7 : NZeHR Data Model v1.6 : NZ EHR Toolkit v1.5.2, or higher
  • interRAI Assessment Forms: Approved : HISO 10047 v1.0 : NZeHR Data Model v1.6 : NZ EHR Toolkit v1.5.2, or higher
  • GP2GP v2: WIP : Solution Design v2.11 : NZeHR Data Model v1.6 : NZ EHR Toolkit v1.5.2, or higher
  • CDA Common Templates: Approved : HISO 10043 v1.0
To test and demonstrate compliance, it is envisaged that a Vendor might integrate the Platform into a PMS by either...
  • displaying The Platform Web Site directly via a Web Form
  • or...using the Platform's RESTful Web Service that provides all the business functionality to this Web Site
Further technical details - including how to consume the Platform Web Service - are contained in the About Page.

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